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Dana Aronow (Founder)- 20 Years of Experience

Dana has been involved in various areas of real estate for over 20 years as an owner of a title company, title closer, bank closer and then as an attorney. She uses her 2 decades of life law experience to guide her clients properly so that they have a great experience with seamless execution.

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The experience I've received at Arnow Law is absolutely phenomenal. Hanin made my experience the best I could have possibly had. I could not be happier and would like to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart. I am forever grateful.

J.Stephen Cayenne

They go the extra mile to take care of things in your favor. Well worth the price.

Ruth Aybar

I want to thank each of you for all your support and for turning my experience around. Carrie, you are absolutely amazing and top notch. Thank you and Jamie for your diligence, professionalism and consistency. I had nothing more than a great experience in working with you.

Carlos L

Aronow did their job and did it well. Jessica and Hanin answer my question and took care of my concerns. They made me feel like I was priority.

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