Many relationships, even during the best of times, can be very complicated. Both parties have to commit to one another to make things in work. In some situations, that commitment can become strained, leading to serious problems for everyone involved. If you find yourself in such a situation, you may want to know what your rights are if facing a divorce, custody and/or visitation or even financial support matters.

The area of family law encompasses many facets and complexities. When confronted with divorce, it is imperative to obtain advice and guidance from an attorney who can help you consider all of your options and make sound decisions. The same is also true in other unfortunate family situations such as child support, custody or visitation, that may have a profound impact on your children, finances and overall well-being.

Our office is committed to providing honest and accurate legal advice by truly listening to your hardships and needs in order to provide a realistic approach to a successful resolution.

When retained, we will work together to evaluate and clarify every issue you must resolve during traumatic time. This may include:

  • Identifying the best strategy for protecting your interests in divorce.
  • If you have children, addressing the crucial issues of child custody, visitation and support in view of your children’s best interests and your own peace of mind.
  • Thoroughly evaluating financial concerns such as property division, debt allocation and whether you can reasonably expect to pay or receive spousal maintenance (alimony).
  • Addressing other legal concerns that arise from major family changes, such as creating a parenting plan so that future issues do not arise.
  • In addition, our firm can evaluate your eligibility for a post-decree modification of child support, maintenance, custody or other orders due to a change in circumstances.